May 2021

Jeff has officially joined the Institute for Engineering in Medicine at UMN.

Himanshi Saini joins the team! Welcome, Himanshi!

Congratulations to Nick Conlin and Bharath Sivaram who graduated this semester!

March 2021

"Bulk flow of cerebrospinal fluid observed in periarterial spaces is not an artifact of injection" was published in eLife (link). 

February 2021

Our article "Dispersion as a waste-clearance mechanism in flow through penetrating perivascular spaces in the brain" was published in Scientific Reports (link).

January 2021

Chinmayee Panigrahi and Jake Stein have joined the lab to work on porous media experiments. Welcome Jake and Chinmayee – let's fire up the particle tracking!

November 2020

Daehyun "Danny" Kim has joined the lab. Welcome to the team, Danny!

Saikat's research and presentation at the APS DFD conference were highlighted in the press release Tracing the Flow of Cerebrospinal Fluid. Excellent work, Saikat!

Jeff, Saikat, and Mahsa presented at the American Physical Society Division of Fluid Dynamics virtual conference.

Saikat gave a talk about his research in the ME Connect seminar series.

October 2020

Mahsa also gave a talk about her research in the ME Connect seminar series.

Mahsa presented her research in the departmental 3 Minute Thesis competition, which challenges grad students to summarize their research in an engaging and understandable way, in under three minutes. Watch her video here. Great concise summary, Mahsa!

September 2020

Saikat and Mahsa both gave poster presentations at the UMN Institute for Engineering in Medicine Annual Conference. The conversation was intriguing! Check out the program here.

Bharath Sivaram has joined the team to work on a variety of research projects and help set up the lab. We're glad to have your help, Bharath!

August 2020

Nick Conlin has started collaborating with our team. Nick is an AEM major completing an undergraduate thesis focused on 2D flows and is coadvised by Jeff and Professor Maziar Hemati. Welcome, Nick!

July 2020

Saikat Mukherjee has joined the team to conduct research on multiple topics, including spreading depolarization in the brain. We’re glad to have you join us, Saikat!

June 2020

Jeff has officially started as an assistant professor at University of Minnesota!

January 2020

Mahsa Mirzaee has joined the team to work on simulations of cerebrospinal fluid flowing through perivascular spaces in the brain. Welcome, Mahsa!